Create OKR’s


Setting goals for your team is hard. Even harder is aligning them to your company’s top priorities so everyone rows in the same direction.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set your objectives – the most important goals you want to accomplish this quarter.
  2. Define 3-5 key results for each objective – measurable targets that indicate progress against the goal.
  3. Align key results of each objective to the business goal

How to use the OKR tool? #

Step 1 – Search or Select the OKR tool from your dashboard 

Step 2: Describe your product or project in as much detail as possible. 

Tip: Providing a detailed description leads to a more precise OKR being generated.

Step 3: Select the ‘Generate’ button

Here is an Example #


An app for IT professionals to create ideas 10 times faster


1. Objective: Increase user adoption and engagement of the app 

 Key Result 1: Achieve a 20% increase in daily active users (DAU) within the next quarter  
Key Result 2: Achieve a 25% increase in the number of ideas created per user on a monthly basis    

Key Result 3: Increase user retention rate by 15% within the next 6 months

2. Objective: Enhance the app’s usability and user experience
Key Result 1: Achieve a user satisfaction score of 85% or higher on app usability surveys  

Key Result 2: Reduce the average time taken to create an idea by 20% by implementing UX improvements  

Key Result 3: Decrease the number of user-reported bugs by implementing regular app updates and fixes

3. Objective: Expand the app’s functionality to cater to diverse user needs  

Key Result 1: Launch at least 3 new features that address different pain points identified by user feedback    

Key Result 2: Increase user engagement with the new features by 30% within the first month of release  

Key Result 3: Obtain positive user reviews highlighting the usefulness of the new features

4. Objective: Establish the app as a leading platform for IT professionals in idea creation    

Key Result 1: Increase app downloads by 50% through targeted marketing campaigns    

Key Result 2: Secure partnerships with at least 2 prominent IT organizations or influencers for app endorsements    

Key Result 3: Be featured in at least 3 major IT publications or industry-related websites as a recommended app Useful tip for creating OKRs.

Ensure that your objectives are aligned with the overall business goals and vision. Set measurable key results that will help assess the progress towards achieving the objectives. When creating OKRs, involve relevant stakeholders and gather feedback to ensure a comprehensive and realistic plan. Regularly review and update OKRs to adapt to the evolving needs of the product and market.

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Updated on December 5, 2023