General Tips: How to generate the best results from PaceAI!

PaceAI is designed to assist you in generating, analysing and summarising ideas quickly. The AI’s suggestions may not always meet your expectations. Nonetheless, to obtain optimal results, there are several helpful tips you can implement: 

1. Give clear inputs to the AI

PaceAI is designed for IT professionals, but it relies on your input to deliver accurate results. If your inputs are unclear or difficult to understand, it may provide unrelated or off-topic content. 

To ensure the best and most precise outcome from PaceAI, provide as much context and information as possible about your project, product, target audience, stage, and strategy.

2. Follow the guides carefully 

We offer guides and formats to assist you in specifying the necessary input or upload document for each tool’s input box. See screenshot below:    

3. Careful with formatting  

If you copy content from an external source and paste it into the input box, the formatting may not be fully understood by the AI. One of the main culprits for this issue is formatted bullet points.  

4. Be precise and to the point 

When giving input, it may seem convenient to simply copy and paste raw text into the input box. However, a more effective approach is to extract the main context from the text and provide it to the AI or simply upload a document.

5. Be mindful of the character limit

Certain tools have a limit on the number of words they can process. For instance, the User Story Generator tool can handle inputs of up to 1000 words. We believe that this capacity is more than sufficient to offer adequate context for PaceAI to create user stories. You can avoid any potential problems by adhering to tip 3.

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Updated on February 2, 2024