Google Sheets Formula Generator


PaceAI “Google Sheet Formula Generator” tool is built to simplify the process of creating formulas within Google Sheets.

It allows you to input your data and preferences, guiding you through the generation of formulas commonly used in spreadsheet calculations.

It serves as a helpful aid for you who may be less familiar with the Google Sheets formula syntax or who want to expedite the formula creation process within the Google Sheets environment.

How to use the “Google Sheets Formula Generator” tool? #

Step 1 – Search or Select “Google Sheets Formula Generator” from your dashboard

Step 2: Input the problem you are trying to solve

Tip: Providing a short detail of the problem you are trying to solve gives you a better tailored formula

Step 3: Select the ‘Generate’ button

Example #


Add column A to column B


To add the values in column A to the values in column B in Google Sheets, you can use the SUM function. Here’s the formula:



  1. SUM: This is the Google Sheets function that calculates the sum of a range of values.
  2. A:B: This represents the range from column A to column B. By specifying the range as A:B, it includes all the values in both columns for the addition.
  3. The SUM function takes the range A:B as its argument and calculates the sum of all the values within that range.

By using this formula, Google Sheets will add up all the values in column A and column B and give you the result in the cell where you entered the formula.

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Updated on December 6, 2023