Product Vision Board

Description #

A product vision board is a visual representation of a product’s vision. It can be used to communicate the product’s vision to stakeholders, inspire and motivate the team, and help to make decisions about the product. 

The Product Vision Board tool by PaceAI helps you quickly create a Roman Pichler-inspired product vision board.

Roman Pichler is an expert in Agile and Scrum and author of Agile Product Management with Scrum: Creating Products that Customers Love. He created the product vision board as a tool to help product teams visualize and communicate their product vision.

How to use the Product Vision Board tool? #

Step 1 – Search or Select the Product Vision Board tool from your dashboard

Step 2: Describe your product or project in as much detail as possible.

Tip: Providing a detailed description leads to a more precise product vision being generated.

Step 3: Select the ‘Generate’ button

Here is an example #


a search engine for cybersecurity professionals 


1. Target Group: Cybersecurity Professionals

– Clearly identify the specific group of professionals who will benefit from the product, such as security analysts, incident responders, or vulnerability researchers.

2. Need or Problem: Overwhelmed with Complex Data

– Describe the challenge faced by cybersecurity professionals in dealing with vast amounts of complex data and highlight their need for efficient data retrieval and assessment tools.

3. Product Name: SecureSearch Pro

– Provide a name that reflects the purpose and value proposition of the product while being catchy and memorable.

4. Key Benefits:

a) Real-time Data Retrieval System

– Emphasize that the search engine provides instant access to up-to-date information relevant to cybersecurity tasks.

b) Tailored Search Capabilities

– Highlight how the search engine is specifically designed for cybersecurity needs, offering advanced filtering options and contextual understanding.

c) Actionable Results Presentation

– Communicate that SecureSearch Pro presents search results in a format that allows users to take immediate action based on their findings.

5. Differentiation:

– Explain how SecureSearch Pro stands out from general-purpose search engines or basic industry tools by delivering specialised features tailored to cybersecurity tasks.

6. Product Metrics:

a) Time Saved per Task Execution

– Quantify how much time users can save when using SecureSearch Pro compared to traditional methods of searching and gathering cyber threat intelligence.

b) User Satisfaction Score

– Measure user satisfaction through surveys or feedback mechanisms integrated into the product, ensuring it meets their expectations effectively.

Useful Tip for Creating Product Vision Boards:

When creating your product vision board, ensure each section captures essential information concisely but clearly communicates your vision’s key elements. Remember to keep it visual; use images, icons or symbols wherever possible to make your vision board more engaging and easy-to-understand for stakeholders and team members. Additionally, regularly update and iterate your vision board as the product evolves to align everyone’s understanding of the product’s direction and goals.

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Updated on February 2, 2024