User Persona


Understanding customer needs is key, but customers have become more complex. Trying to design for “everyone” just leaves products mediocre.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Bring personas to life with names motivations and behaviors for an empathetic view of target users.
  2. Embed personas across your business – in design docs, presentations, conversations – so teams have user context.
  3. Integrate with design tools to map personas to features and identify gaps for each one.

How to use the User Persona tool? #

Step 1 – Search or Select the User Persona tool from your dashboard 

Step 2: Describe your feature in as much detail as possible. 

Tip: Providing a detailed feature description leads to a more precise user persona being generated.

Step 3: Select the ‘Generate’ button

Here is an Example #


A payment feature for student who want to purchase books from a school app


Persona 1: Emma Scott
– Demographics:   

 – Age: 20  

 – Gender: Female  

 – Location: New York City  

 – Education: College student

– Background:   

– Emma is a full-time college student majoring in English Literature. She lives on-campus during the academic year but returns home during breaks. Her parents have limited financial resources, so she relies on scholarships and part-time jobs to cover her expenses.

– Goals & Needs:

 – Emma’s goal is to excel academically and obtain the necessary books and resources for her studies.  
– She needs an affordable and convenient way to purchase books and other necessary materials.

Pain Points:   

 – Limited financial resources make it difficult for Emma to afford high-priced textbooks and study materials.  

 – Lack of accessibility to bookstores near her campus adds to the challenge.  

 – She also often struggles to find the specific books she needs in local libraries.

– Behaviors & Habits:     

– Emma is an organized student who plans her academic activities in advance.

– She frequently researches online for the best book deals and discounts.  

– Emma prefers using her smartphone for most tasks and enjoys using mobile apps for convenience.

– Technology Proficiency:   

 – Emma is proficient in using smartphones and navigating mobile applications.

  – She frequently uses social media platforms, productivity apps, and e-commerce apps for online purchases.

– Persona Summary: 

 Emma Scott is a financially constrained college student who relies on scholarships and part-time jobs. Her need for affordable and accessible books is essential for her academic success. She prefers using her smartphone and seeks a convenient way to purchase books and other study materials.

Useful Tip for Researching User Personas: When researching user personas, gather insights from real users through interviews, surveys, and observations. It is essential to collect data directly from the target audience rather than making assumptions. Observe their behaviors, listen to their needs, and validate your findings with multiple sources. This way, you can develop accurate and effective personas that truly represent your users’ characteristics, goals, and pain points.

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Updated on December 5, 2023